Are you an individual who wants to make some extra cash?
Does your church or volunteer group need extra money?

Come join the BIG TEX FIREWORKS family for two weeks during the New Years and Fourth of July holidays and make that extra money.

If you are looking for a way to be your own boss and make extra money, we can help!!!  We work with many individuals and non-profit groups every year. BIG TEX FIREWORKS operates stands from the Hill Country of central Texas to the Gulf Coast.  We are one of the largest Texas companies in our industry.

BIG TEX FIREWORKS Ltd., provides the following:
A stand setup on location.
Management assistance

Requirements for Stand Operators
Minimum age is 21 years of age or older.
Can provide employees to work on a daily basis.
Will provide 24 hour a day security of stand and inventory.
Will have or obtain a Texas Sales Tax Permit before stand can open.

If you or your non-profit group is interested in becoming an independent operating manager of one of our stands, just complete the attached STAND OPERATOR APPLICATION.  Mail or FAX the application as directed and we will contact you within a few days.

    Contact:  Lynne Farrell 512.417.7186    Email: