Do you own property in a rural area of Central Texas to the Gulf Coast?  Do you own commercial real estate on which you would like to increase the traffic? Do you have a few parking spaces you would like to rent for 10-14 days and make good money as you increase your commercial traffic?
BIG TEX is a family owned and operated company with an outstanding reputation for products that are exciting and safe.  Let us show you how to dramatically increase the number of new and repeat customers to your business.
While a BIG TEX Fireworks Stand is on your property, we provide:

  • Stands designed to attract fireworks buyers, increasing customers to your location.
  • Aggressive advertising to further increase traffic to your location.
  • Rental revenue opportunity.
  • $1 Million in General Liability Insurance.
  • Professional managers who work with property owners or managers to ensure special needs and requests are met.

To learn more about how you can earn money while increasing customer flow, please contact a BIG TEX representative at 512- 963-4747 or email